Online Music, Video, Photography and

Audio Support for Churches During the COVID-19 Crisis


The constantly evolving situation with the COVID-19 virus has forced many of us to find creative solutions to work and connect. Many churches are seeking new ways to reach and connect with their congregations. I can help, whether you need a service videotaped, or if you could use video music segments with quality audio to add into a service, if you are seeking artful video editing with my thousands of original photographs, are looking for a musician to join in a Zoom worship service, or for consulting on improving the quality of your videos. I also have a catalog of my original meditative recordings, which can be the perfect accompaniment to prayer, or for a moment of silent reflection. There are so many ways to continue the worship experience onling, and I'm here to help. While I retired many of my production services for the projects of others several years ago, this crisis has me called to bring it back in a way that can support and heal others on this difficult phase of our journey together. It is also allowing me to maintain some income during this time of social distancing. Please feel free to reach out to me. I'm open to work with churches large and small, and am willing to adjust rates as necessary. As this is a new service I'm offering, this page of my site is definitely a work in progress, and is a little rough, so please be patient. I will continue to include examples of my work as I am able, and as new material is release. In the meantime, feel free to browse the rest of my site to see more of my work. Thank you to so many who are supporting me in this endeavor. Like our response to this crisis, this page is a work in progress (so please be patient with the imperfections). Stay tuned. Here are some examples. More to come...

Two Alleluias

I've been making many music videos and video segments for other churches from my studio. Here are two Easter Alleluias I recorded for two different churches: Lyndale Lutheran Church and Delano United Methodist Church. This is a good example of my capability of doing multi-track audio and video, enabling me to play more than one instrument, and add harmonies.

Here is a service I helped put together very quickly for Lyndale Lutheran Church. This was shot and edited over the course of two days, when it was realized midweek that they could no longer meet in person. I did all of the music, did a voiceover for the Gospel reading, along with music I recorded and images in the public domain, shot the service and edited it in a marathon session. It was a challenge for everyone involved, but we got it together.

Segments for Delano United Methodist Church

I was tasked to create two 15 minute music video segments for Delano United Methodist Church's Palm Sunday and Easter Services. The came after a half hour segment by the church pastors. In order to conserve editing on their part, the segments were separate, but worked well together. Christian coordinated with the pastors to make his segments fit with their message.

Sing A Long with Hymns

Whether I'm leading your hymns and songs on guitar/ukulele and voice, or adding text with images to music from your musicians, I can help your congregation share musical experiences in your online services. Here is an example with organist Gavin Bern providing the accompaniment. I have many original photographic images to further enhance the experience. 

Professional Credits & Nature Images- This is one example of credits, listing worship participants, or any other messaging your church wants to convey. This is also an example of being able to put still and video images with music. Once again this is music played by Gavin Berg.

Sing-A-Long with St. John's

Here is a another service that was put together pretty quickly for St. John's UCC of Bongards, a small church near Norwood Young America. Pastor Cathy wanted something that was simple and had more of a live feel. We decided a service consisting of the classic "comfort hymns" was in order during a time of rapid change and stress.

Pastor Stephanie, at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Edina, has been doing a regular video blog to keep in touch with, and offer support to members of her congregation. I was pleased to come and shoot this installment, and be her musical guest, outside on a beautiful day on the grounds of the church. She offers some wonderful words of wisdom, and I offer some meditations on the Native American flute.

Collaborating with other musicians- Over the years, I have really loved being a monthly musician at Lyndale. Singleton Street also frequently provides music for the church. We had planned on them leading live worship on March 29th, but live worship wasn't meant to be. We decided there had to be a way, and we videoed this service. We  were joined by two out of the three Singleton members, husband and wife, Sherrie and Chuck Leyda, and their daughter for the services. We were limiting how many households could be together in one space and being mindful of social distancing. It was a pleasure for me to video and record fellow musicians. Parts of this service are in the Taize format. While I can provide music for segments, I am more than happy to video other musicians if it can be done in a sicially distant way. I'm also happy to edit, or work to improve the sound of video your team may have recorded.

Editing, audio leveling, and combining images to go with your music

For Good Samaritan UMC's Easter Service, I was given audio of the Church's Chancel Choir and Orchestra performing this Ralph Vaughn Williams piece, at an earlier concert. I worked with the audio to clarify it for online video, added my photographic images to go with the music.

Lyndale Lutheran's Palm Sunday & Easter Video Services

We wanted to get the church bell and other images of the church that could be touchstones for the congregation.

Good Samaritan United Methodist Church Easter Online Video Service

For Good Samaritan, I worked with their pastor, office staff, parishioners, and talented music staff. They sent me parts of audio and video they made themselves, and then I edited it, added my own photos and videos, used one of my recordings for music behind one segment. I also captured news footage, and edited it with photos taken by the congregation that were symbols of new life to them. It was a wonderful collaboration of so many in the church.


Through still photography, audio and video, I attempt to capture features that connect people to their place of worship, when it's possible, since they can't be there.


Musical Highlights from Lyndale Lutheran's Holy Humor Sunday in 4/19

Here are my musical contributions to a fun, humor-filled worship service.

Good Samaritan United Methodist 4-19 Online Video Service

Reviews from a couple clergy (ELCA Lutheran & United Methodist)


Social Media & File Sharing Platforms

Once your video, or my segments are complete, I can send you links to the files using the file sharing Dropbox service. In some cases I can also upload finished work to your church's Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo pages. I can also assist you in learning to embed video from these platforms into your church website.


My Studio

I am able to do audio and/or video, recorded or live-streamed from my studio. I can also go to several places in nature close to my home to do video segments. Here's part of my studio between shooting segments (so a little messy). During social distancing, this is where I will be doing many of my videos. Some in-person shooting may be possible provided it's 1:1 and proper social distancing and sanitization are possible. In order to help show churches that content in my studio or in some locations is created just for them, I use a changeable sign board with the name of the church on it. I am equipped for multi-track audio and video, sound editing and mastering, and video editing.