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Spiritual Content Creation & Production

I'm a content creator focused on spiritual, meditative and musical content. I work to create sacred, healing space, using a variety of media. In combine my experience in music, video & still photography, audio production, meditation, music therapy, and video editing to create content for churches, as well as my own content. My training and experience as a music therapist combines with my current studies in Theology and the Arts at United Theological Seminary to give me a unique take on content creation. When the pandemic hit, my music therapy and music practices took a difficult turn. Confronted with a need to bring in more income and continue to express myself as an artist, I began working for several churches to produce online worship services and content. At one point I was regularly producing four online worship services a week, and providing musical, visual, and written content for multiple others. I now work as Coordinator of Worship Arts & Online Engagement at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Edina Minnesota, as well as providing customized content creation and video production for other spiritual and religious organizations. This page includes a variety of of the content I create, from music, music production, special segments, to entire worship services. I recorded and produced all of the music heard myself or in collaboration with other musicians. Most images are mine, but there are a limited number of stock images, which is sometimes necessary to keep on production schedules. Some stock and news images are used in order to connect with events and communities beyond our own.

Please contact me to commission new content or to license some of my existing content. I hope to have an online content store opening sometime in 2023. Click here for more about the audio/video editing & production services I offer.

Threshold Moments

Threshold Moments in an online worship service are meant to be the moments where we enter sacred space, just like crossing the threshold into a physical sanctuary.

some photography work in this piece by Heather Succio

Sharing of Peace Segments

The Sharing of the Peace is a mindful, reflective moment in the online service where we take a breath and take in the beauty of nature, of each other, and of the divine. Sometimes there's music, sometimes nature sounds, and sometimes silence. These segments also work well for in-person worship when projected onto screens.

Special Segments

I've produced many special segments in the form of visual

and sound meditations, prayers, and spoken word. I write some of them. Other times I use existing writings or collaborate with another person's writing. Sometimes they also reflect current events, such as the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, or current justice issues. I would be happy to accept commissions to create custom content, or license existing content that I own rights to.

still photography work in this piece by Simona Boler of Simona B Photography

Visual Prayers

Full Worship Services

Most of the full worship services posted here are on weeks

where I also preached. To follow the weekly worship services

I produce for Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, please go to



These are all music videos that I have produced. I love

collaborating with other musicians, whether it's recording

audio and video, or even joining in to play or sing! I'm 

able to record a wide variety of musical styles,

and can do arranging as well. I'm privileged to be

able to collaborate with so many gifted musicians.

additional photography work in this piece by Rev. Carol Zaagsma

additional photography work in this piece by Rev. Carol Zaagsma

Special Services

These are a few services from Holy Days, including  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, a special Viso Divina Good Friday service (in black and white except for the artwork), and

and Easter Sunday service. In most of these services, from both Good Samaritan UMC and Lyndale Lutheran Church, I designed the online liturgy and worship.

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