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Due to the pandemic, at this time all in-person senior performances are cancelled through the end of August. All church performances inside a building are also cancelled through August, unless other arrangements have been made. Customized music videos, live-streaming, as well as assistance with video programming are available. Please contact us for more information.

"Christian engages with people in a way other entertainers, well, don't."

- Therapeutic Recreation Director

"Your music wakes me up and makes me feel alive."

- memory care resident

Christian Plays Ukulele and Sings a fun mix of tunes from a variety of styles

Ukulele Sampler - Christian Nielsen
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Christian has been performing, song leading, leading interactive music programs for seniors and those in memory care, using music daily as therapy in 1:1 visits and small groups, and performing and leading worship in churches, for decades. He has performed and provided therapy services to people aged one week old to 108 years. His experience as a music therapist allows him to engage with even large groups in ways many other performers don't. He has a broad repertoire spanning genres and generations, from the turn of the 20th century through the present. As a dynamic performer, he is able to range from upbeat, toe tapping, to very gentle and soothing. Christian can liven any event or calm agitated people to sleep, and everything in between.

Christian has played the guitar since 1984 and took up various ukuleles in 2005. He enjoys playing them all, but finds nothing soothes or spreads joy quite like a ukulele. He also plays some other fretted instruments, Native American flute, and percussion.


Christian Plays and Sings Country & Old-time music in a relaxing style


Christian Plays and sings popular music from 1860's - 1930's on ukulele in a gentle way

Christian Plays and Sings Some Classic Country and an Elvis Tune on Guitar