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Whether at a retreat, ceremony, church or other sacred space, a memorial service, healthcare setting, meditation time, or a wedding, the Native American flute can add a sense of calm, reflection, & healing. It often evokes images of the natural world that are unique to each listener. It is an instrument played in the moment, as an improvised tradition.

Click Below to hear a 48 minute sampler of solo flutes

Christian began playing the Native American flutes in 1994. They became a large part of his own healing journey while recovering from a stroke. He uses the flutes in his music therapy practice and has performed in large and small spaces around Minnesota. He has played in most the larger churches in Minneapolis, many in St. Paul, and more in suburban and rural sacred spaces around the state. Having played woodwind instruments since childhood, the Native American flutes were a natural transition. Christian also incorporates other flutes and ocarinas from around the world.

"That flute just captures all the feelings of sorrow and hope, and all of our prayers- it's like they just swirl together with the notes and they all lift up to Heaven"


"Memorable moment... an eerie and mystical tune filled the sanctuary... from the soul".

                -Minneapolis Star Tribune

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