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Audio & Video Services

Video Editing
Do you need someone to edit your produced services, or to trim down your livestream services? Many churches have found that an edited down version of their livestream gets more engagement throughout the week. By eliminating awkward transitions and silences, and shortening the service, it makes the video more engaging to watch online. For either a produced or livestream edited service, I have thousands of my own nature and liturgical images (still and video) aand access to thousands more licensed images to use as transitions, to enhance music or for special segments. I can also master and level sound in your video to improve its listenability. While an intentionally produced service tends to me more engaging, livestreams can be made more engaging through thoughtful editing. Produced worship services can be greatly enhanced by the use of images, mastered sound, correcting video image quality, and specially produced segments. As an editor I use sound and silence intentionally to create a worshipful pacing. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs and pricing options.

Customized Content Creation
I can create custom content that uses imagery, nature sounds, poetry, spoken word (existing or I can write), optional original instrumental music, to fit liturgical or spiritual themes. I love to collaborate! Please reach out to commission a piece or discuss possibilities.

Customized Music Content
I can create customized instrumental or vocal music, either myself, or in collaboration with other musicians.

On-Site Recording (audio an/or video)
I have limited time in my schedule for on-site recording of speakers, musicians, or musical ensembles. Please check in for availability.
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