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Due to changes in both Anna's & Christian's professional and personal lives, Wellespring is not taking new bookings at this time. Thank you to all who have supported us on this journey!

Anna Lee Roberts and Christian Nielsen are both hospice music therapists working in the Twin Cities Metro area. Anna met Christian as a music therapy intern when she shadowed him as a music therapist 11 years ago. Since then, Christian and Anna have collaborated on a number of musical projects, from recording to performing for memorial services and leading healing grief retreat experiences for young families. 

As of 2017, Anna and Christian decided to work together officially as the duo Wellespring. They agreed that the broader mission of Wellespring would be to bring the healing space of their hospice music therapy work, and the valuable lessons learned through it, to our larger community. 

Festivals, Music Venues & Private Events

Wellespring's music for these venues is a unique take on the classics including folk, spirituals, jazz and popular standards. Their pieces are most often interpreted through the combination of cello, ukulele or guitar, and vocal harmony, in a way that inspires the listener to sing and move along with the music.​

Sacred & Healing Spaces

For scared spaces, such as churches and ceremonial places, and healing spaces, such as memorial events, retreats, or healthcare settings, Wellespring combines cello, guitars, ukuleles, Native American flutes, and harmonies to create a space of healing & reflection. Wellespring also brings in uplifting music as well, such as gospel songs & spirituals to create a unique experience. They can also provide interactive experiences and can speak on issues of grief, loss, and spirit.

More Video

Wellespring Christmas Eve @ Lyndale, 2018 Video

(full service)

Wellespring "Waiting for the Light" Christmas Video

"WELLESPRING is simply beautiful. The musicians complement each other beautifully. Thank for leading us in worship!" -Pastor Gale Reitan
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Anna Lee Roberts Music
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