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Special Statement on COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused me to lose nearly all income from performance, and about 90% of therapy income due to restrictions related to the virus, and to protect the vulnerable people I serve. I am working to adapt through technology, but most of my income can't be replaced. In order to continue my work as a music therapist serving those at the end of their lives, and to continue my performing work in senior and faith communities, and to continue serving others through the online domain, I could use your help, if you are in a place to offer it. I know we are all struggling, and completely understand if that doesn't work for you. If you are looking for a place to relax, please click the Recordings/Video tab, to find some peace through music. All videos and streaming albums are there to listen to, any time, completely free of charge. I am continuing to find ways to serve during this time, including implementing telehealth, streaming performances, special videos, and providing video services to faith communities. Unfortunately there are costs involved in doing those things, without much revenue from them. Any help would be appreciated. Also, check out my Facebook page for more resources. Please click on the "Donate" button below, to contribute any amount, through PayPal.

Thank you!

Through Musical Performance, Interactive Music Experiences, Recorded Music, and Hospice Music Therapy, Christian Nielsen and the musicians and music therapists who work with him are committed to use music as a source of healing, peace and joy for the communities they serve.  


Christian Nielsen has been providing church music, memorial service music, interactive musical experiences for all ages in the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas for 30 years. He has been providing hospice music therapy, as a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) in the Southwest Metro and rural areas for 20 years. He is a graduate of the Augsburg University Music Therapy program and did his extended music therapy internship training at Park Nicollet Hospice, Methodist Hospital, and Struther's Parkinson's center.

Christian's practice has worked with Ridgeview Hospice since 2000, when he started the music therapy program. While his practice has served a broad range of needs, it is now limited to hospice, palliative care, and the Geriatric Mental Health program at Ridgeview Medical Center. Two other board certified music therapists, Jenna Simpson and Laura Olson of City of Lakes Music Therapy assist Christian in meeting the needs of his therapy clients.

Christian has work with many area senior and care facilities to provide interactive music programming and events for more than 20 years. He also provides music for private events.

As the son of a United Methodist Minister, a church musician since age 10, and one who has studied the role of music in the spirituality of many faith traditions, Christian has always felt that music is one of the greatest expressions of our shared humanity, and one of our best vehicles for connecting to the divine. Christian has performed and led music in churches of nearly every denomination, including faiths beyond Christianity. As an extension of this belief, and as the work he does as a therapist working with those at end of life, Christian considers playing and leading music for funerals, memorials, wakes, vigils, and celebration of life, to be the greatest honor. In his career he played for hundreds of services for people of all beliefs and ethical persuasions in houses of worship, gravesides, outdoor settings, funeral homes/chapels, and family homes/cabins. He works with each family, officiants, funeral directors, and other musicians as needed to create a service tailored to the beliefs and personality of the person who has died.

In 2017, Christian Nielsen began a collaboration with fellow music therapist and musician, Anna Lee Roberts as Wellespring. Wellespring performs in both churches and secular settings, and our mission is to share the healing and joy we find in our music therapy work with the worlds. 

Christian has also made several recordings for relaxation, meditation, spiritual practice, and some just for fun. His recordings have helped people of all ages through health & emotional crises (even premature infants). His YouTube page has had nearly 400,000 views. You can find these recordings on the Recordings/Video tab and purchase them in the CD & Download Store on this site. Christian is also an amateur photographer. Many of his images are incorporated in his videos. Some of his photography is available to view and purchase at the Christian Nielsen SmugMug page.